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HowTo is a page giving detailed help and guideline using our website with more easy and efficient way.
  Though the site is self explanatory, we hope this guide will help many visitors who are new to the web shopping.

How to create a new account?
Click the "Login" button from the "Blue Bar" in the User Login page click "New User" button or click HERE to go to the registration page:




How to find my lost password?
Click the "Login" button from the "Blue Bar", in the User Login page type your User Name and click "Lost password" button. Your password will be emailed to you.



How to search vehicles?

 From the "Blue Bar" you can type any keyword to search the vehicle database.  If you need detailed search click the "Advanced Search" link and you can start to search using different conditions/criteria


How to know the vehicle is available for sale?

From the search result or by clicking the "Inventory" button from the Menu, you will be presented with the Catalog of vehicles.  If the vehicle is available for sale you will see the "Invoice" and "My list" button



What is "Invoice" and how it works?

"Invoice" is a function which will appear only for the vehicles that are available for sale.  By clicking the "Invoice" button you can create a pro-forma invoice for the vehicle, that includes shipping, insurance, etc., to your port.  By creating an "Invoice" does not mean that you are agreeing to purchase the vehicle out right or we will ask your credit card or any similar payment commitments, the "Invoice" function will make the user and us easy to start the sales process by auto generating the invoice.  After creating the invoice we have to manually approve your invoice for the sales process, and you will tell us how the payment will be done.



How to see the price of vehicle in different currency?

 From the "Blue Bar" click the desired currency code link next to the "Currency:" label                         


What is the status mean?
"On Order" means that the vehicle is been sold and the sales process is going on. "Sold" mean the vehicle is sold.